Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Wed, 01-Oct-2014 7:14am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
17 mi N of Packwood, Washington 1.0 00015697 mi 1412154629Wed, 01-Oct-2014 2:10am map
4 mi N of Fern Prairie, Washington 1.0 000290180 mi 1412029112Mon, 29-Sep-2014 3:18pm map
2 mi ENE of Fern Prairie, Washington 1.1 000295183 mi 1412029111Mon, 29-Sep-2014 3:18pm map
14 mi SSW of Morton, Washington 1.3 000218136 mi 1412028556Mon, 29-Sep-2014 3:09pm map
8 mi SW of West Wenatchee, Washington 1.5 00013081 mi 1412024659Mon, 29-Sep-2014 2:04pm map
25 mi WSW of Boardman, Oregon 1.8 000304189 mi 1412023070Mon, 29-Sep-2014 1:37pm map
14 mi SW of Westport, Washington 1.9 000264164 mi 1411942374Sun, 28-Sep-2014 3:12pm map
1 mi WSW of Inglewood-Finn Hill, Washington 1.0 00007647 mi 1411931519Sun, 28-Sep-2014 12:11pm map
10 mi NE of Tanner, Washington 1.8 00007748 mi 1411928550Sun, 28-Sep-2014 11:22am map
14 mi NNW of Packwood, Washington 1.1 000164102 mi 1411806317Sat, 27-Sep-2014 1:25am map
4 mi SW of Lake Shore, Washington 1.1 000302188 mi 1411798728Fri, 26-Sep-2014 11:18pm map
1 mi NNW of West Richland, Washington 1.9 000272169 mi 1411766038Fri, 26-Sep-2014 2:13pm map
2 mi ENE of Gold Bar, Washington 1.0 00004327 mi 1411705300Thu, 25-Sep-2014 9:21pm map
11 mi SSE of Neah Bay, Washington 1.6 000214133 mi 1411693265Thu, 25-Sep-2014 6:01pm map
2 mi SE of Umatilla, Oregon 2.0 000315196 mi 1411671553Thu, 25-Sep-2014 11:59am map
4 mi W of Vancouver, Washington 1.1 000302188 mi 1411643639Thu, 25-Sep-2014 4:13am map
1 mi WSW of Princeton, Canada 2.2 00015596 mi 1411592740Wed, 24-Sep-2014 2:05pm map

17 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

United States Geological Survey - World Earthquake Map - Last 7 days
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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.